Broadband (VoIP) allows you to make unlimited telephone calls using a computer network, over a data network like the Internet.
Cheap phone calls and prepaid calling cards

Broadband phone service

We offers unlimited broadband international and domestic calls, start at $23.95
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Broadband additional options

  • Additional phone lines
    Add more lines to your acount with any area code and control all your phone calls online.

  • Multiple Users Authorization Codes
    Track expenses and manage your costs: provide all users with individual codes that allow them to make outside calls when multiple users share one line.
    One Time set up fee is 4.99

  • Auto Attendant
    Connect callers to the appropriate extensions and greet them with different record messages. Plus, separate mailboxes for each extension.
    $9.95 set up fee plus $1.95 monthly charge

  • Extension Dialing
    In-bound callers may quickly route their call to the appropriate person if they know the correct extension number. Dial 3,4,or 5 digits and get connected faster.

    $9.95 set up fee plus $1.95 monthly charge

  • Hunt groups
    Create a path for forwarding unanswered calls to users you identify as members of your Hunt Group.
    $9.95 set up fee plus $1.95 monthly charge

  • Toll free service
    Provide your callers with a Toll free number.
    $3.99 per month plus 3.9 c per incoming minute for USA customers and $5.99 monthly fee, plus 5.9c per min for Canadian customers.

  • Virtual Phone Number
    With Voxby you can assign a secondary phone number from a selection of USA area codes assisting you to eliminate long distance charges for you and your friends.

  • Fax service
    Residential customers are offered a fax line function for $9.95 per month.

World Unlimited, $/min

US/Canada Unlimited, $/min

Basic plan, $/min

Features and Options



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