Broadband (VoIP) allows you to make unlimited telephone calls using a computer network, over a data network like the Internet.
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Broadband phone call to Italy
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Welcome to, we offers pre-paid calling card and international phone card that are ready to use pins delivered instantly to your registered e-mail address.
We also offer a new service - VOXBY ® broadband phone service at rates lower than traditional cellular price. Broadband phone service also know as VoIP (Voice over IP), IP Telephony is the process of making and receiving voice transmissions over any IP network such as the Internet, an office LAN or a private network between corporate offices.

Rates for broadband call to Italy from US/Canada

Basic plan ($9.95/month)

Country Specific Price, $/min
Italy Italy 0.020
Italy Italy - Cellular 0.270

US/Canada Unlimited ($23.95/month)

Country Specific Price, $/min
Italy Italy 0.026
Italy Italy - Cellular 0.262

World Unlimited ($29.95/month)

Country Specific Price, $/min
Italy Italy 0.262
Italy Italy - Cellular unlimited

World Unlimited, $/min

US/Canada Unlimited, $/min

Basic plan, $/min

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