Broadband (VoIP) allows you to make unlimited telephone calls using a computer network, over a data network like the Internet.
Cheap phone calls and prepaid calling cards

Broadband phone service

We offers unlimited broadband international and domestic calls, start at $23.95
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Broadband features

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
    Reject calls from anyone who has blocked their name or number. The caller will automatically be sent to a recording informing them you do not wish to receive blocked calls
  • Black list
    Block specific numbers from calling you. Blacklisted callers will recieve a message informing them their number has been blocked. Your phone will not ring when they call
  • Call Filter
    Redirect specified callers to a different number. For example, if you are on vacation, you can specify which incoming calls you want transferred to your cell phone
  • Call return
    Call back the last number you received
  • Call forwarding
    Transfer any call to any telephone number within U.S. and Canada
  • Call waiting
    Answer a second call when you are currently on a call
  • Caller ID
    Identifies the number of the incoming call
  • Do not Disturb
    All incoming calls go directly to voicemail without your phone ever ringing
  • Caller ID Block
    Your number is hidden from recipient's phone
  • Find Me Follow Me
    Follow incoming calls to up to 3 telephone numbers within US and Canada. Find Me Follow Me will dial each of the numbers in the specified order.
  • International Block Call
    Block unauthorized outgoing international calls
  • Repeat dialing
    Re-dials the last number you called
  • Music on hold
    Play music while you have a caller on hold
  • Speed dial
    Automatically pre-program up to 10 frequently used numbers into the system for easy dialing.
  • 3-Way calling
    Allows connections of multiple calling parties
  • Wake up Call
    Have your VOIP ring at a preset time
  • Voicemail with e-mail notification
    Get messages via your personal e-mail. You may choose to attach a .wav file to which will allow you to listen to the message on your computer
  • Free In-network calling
    Call from Voxby phone to another anywhere in the world at no charge

World Unlimited, $/min

US/Canada Unlimited, $/min

Basic plan, $/min

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